Satellite Scanner for Treasure Hunting


Many treasure hunters are intrigue about using the satellite to scan buried treasures underground. But, does this kind of technology has already been invented? Let's find out.

In 1980's, a Shuttle Mission had taken some interesting images which revealed a pattern of ancient river drainage below the eastern Sahara desert. Another one was something that looks like a ring structure buried under the Antarctic Ice.

Those images were actually captured through a microwave radar. And, some scientists already have theoretical speculation that microwave radar from satellites can reveal the surface of a dry ground.

Satellite Scanning

To clear the doubts, Dan Blumberg and Julian Daniels from the Ben Gurion University of Negev in Israel had performed an actual test. They made used of flat squares of aluminum buried at different depths under the sand. Then, they flew on an aircraft and performed radar sensing on the area.

As a result, Blumberg and Daniel came out with a systematic proof where they had acquired patterns of the buried pieces of metals. This proves that microwave radar detection works.

Satellite Scanning Services

Be advised, especially to all of my fellow Filipino treasure hunters in the Philippines not to believe into those claimed satellite scanners. These people are scams who will just grab your money in exchange of pointing some random locations for you to dig. You will not just waste your money but your time and energy.

In my own personal opinion, Satellite Scanning is still at its early developmental stage. And if it happens that it already exists, it won't be available for public use. The Military and NASA will surely keep them as top secret device.

Other than that, the use of satellite will cost an expensive amount of money. Some serious large amount of money that an average Joe cannot afford.

Benefits of Satellite Scanning Technology

If a satellite scanner has been invented and it is working the way how everybody expect it to be then, as stated above the Military or NASA will take hold of it. And in the name of science, they will utilize it for the purpose of discovering long lost structures, fossils and other archaeological objects.

In the Military, they are going to use it to detect areas with landmines, enemy underground tunnels and other purposes to detect enemy movements in the ground. And for NASA, they can use it to discover the surfaces of some planets and moons.

Satellite Scanner used for treasure hunting is probably not on the list unless those large organization needs some funding.

You are probably thinking, "When would this amazing technology becomes available for public use?". If you ask me, maybe it will become available in the next 30 to 50 years from now. Or maybe, it will never become available for public use due to some bad circumstances when used in a wrong or improper way.

But as of now, it's still best to settle down on cheap metal detectors.