Metal Detector Accessories and Digging Tools


If you are to go out for a metal hunting activity, there are other important accessories that you need to take along. These are accessories such as tools for digging, maps, bags and etc...

When it comes to your metal detector, here are the following accessories that you should bring:

Extra Batteries

If you intend to spend several hours using your metal detector then it's best to take along extra batteries. It would be a hassle running down into the store just to buy new batteries for replacement.

It's not just actually extra batteries for your MD but also spare batteries for your other devices such as flashlight, radio and some other battery-operated items that you intend to bring along with you.


The use of headphones can actually help improve better reception of the received signal of your MD. It's because it allows you to hear even the faintest signal that is able to pick up.

On a noisy environment, it's best to use a headphone.

Metal Detector Pin Pointer

Some metal detectors are not good at pin pointing the exact spot of the buried detected item. So in order for you to save time, it is recommended that you should bring a pin pointer MD device.

Scuff Cover

The outside environment can be a bit damaging into your equipment. To provide protection, especially to the control box of your MD, always use a scuff cover when it's not in use.

Clean Cloth for Cleaning

It is important to bring a clean cloth for cleaning both your findings and metal detector after use.

As for your digging operation, here are the following recommended tools that you should bring:


If the item picked up by your metal detector isn't too deep then it's best to use a trowel. It's actually best to choose a trowel that is not made out of metal but of "composite material". This is to allow you to run your pin pointer over it without setting the alert that the target is in the trowel.


Use a shovel to dig a certain item that is buried at a deep depth. It's because its faster and easier than using a small trowel.

Garden Knife

It is not actually good to use your shovel in cutting roots, grass or any hard vegetation blocking the spot that you need to dig. Excessive use of force overtime will soon break the weld of the blade and the handle of the shovel. Thus, it's best suggested to bring a garden knife for cutting purposes.

Plastic Containers or Bag

Bring plastic containers or bag to place your important findings.

Map or GPS Device

If you are not familiar about the area where you are going to conduct your metal detecting activity, it's best to bring a map or GPS device to guide you around.

Overall, bringing these metal detector accessories and tools for digging will surely help you a lot in recovering valuable items.