Metal Detecting Book for Beginners | By Mark Smith


One of the best book that I recommend for beginners is Mark Smith's "Metal Detecting: A Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Greatest Hobby in the World".

According to the book, the world is filled with treasures and I do agree with it. Through this book, it teaches you on how to claim your share of those treasures.

This book consists of over 200 pages of information that clearly explains everything on how to find and recover your own treasure.

If it happens that you already purchased one of those reliable cheap metal detectors that I recommend, the next step would be to gain a lot of insight. But through this book, those insights that you need are already compiled where all you just have to do is to read, understand and apply.

You might be thinking why some metal-hunters are quite good at finding valuable items such as gold coins, jewelries, relics and other worthy findings. The reason is that, they have the knowledge of "where" and "how" to search for them. This book will guide you in these aspect as well.

Features of Mark Smith's Metal Detecting Book

1. Not just for the Beginners

Mark Smith's Metal Detecting Book isn't actually just for the beginners. It's because there are plenty of useful tips that some professional treasure hunters may have not known yet.

2. Secrets of Metal Detecting

There's actually a hidden secret to a successful metal detecting. Mark Smith will reveal these best guarded secrets to ensure a great success on your findings.

3. Illustrated Diagrams

The book is complete with illustrated diagrams consisting of actual pictures that best describe the topic being explained. Most of these illustrations actually teaches you how to locate the treasures and safely recover them.

4. Metal Detector Explained

Mark Smith will explained everything that you need to know about metal detectors. You get to learn how a metal detector exactly works, choosing the best MD, metal detecting with kids, metal detecting in various places (such as private properties, creeks, rivers and lakes), and other necessary equipment that you will need.

5. Recovered Findings

You get to learn how to identify the items that you have recovered. Once you learned how to identify your findings, you will be able to distinguish gold, silver, copper, jewelry and other various forms of metallic properties.

Other than identifying your findings, Mark Smith will also teach you how to clean your findings and sell them for money.

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Overall, Mark Smith's Metal Detecting Book for Beginners is a reading material that offers plenty of tips that can give you a good start.