Used Cheap Metal Detectors for Sale | Where to Buy?


Aside from the brand new cheap metal detector products, there are also some used (or second-hand) cheap metal detectors that you can choose to buy. The good part is that, "the older the model of the MD, the cheaper the price will be".

Some treasure hunters are actually fascinated by the latest and improve new models of MDs that are released by their favorite manufacturers. Thus, they end up accumulating their old equipment in their storage room that they no longer use. For this reason, they have to sell their old and un-used MDs to clear the room for their new purchased equipment and to make some money as well.

Other people who decides to sell their MDs are not really treasure hunters. They probably just gave a try on this kind of hobby if it interest them to engage on the activity. Unfortunately, they did not so they decide to sell their equipment.

Where to Buy Metal Detectors Online?

Today, the best method to search for sellers of used or old metal detectors is via online. Simply use your favorite Search Engine and a list of large online store websites will be provided on the results.

When it comes to selling online products, there are two best websites that I recommend and they are the following:

1. Amazon

Amazon has become the largest online store around selling various items from brand new to used items. Other than the largest, it is also the most trusted online merchant that when you purchased a certain item, it will surely get delivered into your specified address.

I myself love Amazon where I already purchased a lot of different stuffs from them. And through my experience, I never had any problem about their services which is the reason why I highly recommend it.

Amazon actually have several lists of used metal detectors and they come at a cheaper price as compared to their brand new counterpart. But before you can purchase any items, you need to create an account. Don't worry, creating an account will only take a few steps which can be completed in just a matter of minutes.

Once you have created your account, "search" for your product. On this case, your keyword is "metal detectors".

A list of metal detectors will be shown but you have to filter out the brand new from the used products. To do this, you have to look for the "Buy used" button and then click it. This will only show all used metal detectors on the list for you to choose and buy.

The most interesting part of buying a product in Amazon is that, you can read the reviews of other real customers who already purchased the product. They get to share their experience about it which can help you decide if you really wanted to buy the item or not.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is also another large online store that sells various stuffs. There are actually a lot of people who are selling their used items at Craigslist offering them at a very low price. However, there's a big difference between Craigslist and Amazon. You can get scammed at Craigslist if you do not know what you are doing.

There are actually many complaints on Craigslist where the customers who bought or paid for an item didn't received their product. But, why I am recommending it?

I do recommend it because Craigslist has a good list of used metal detectors. And to avoid scammers, you really have to check for the reputation of the seller. Investigate to make sure that the seller has a good reputation and highly trusted.

Where to Buy Used Cheap Metal Detector Offline?

If you are afraid of handling out your credit card information to buy stuffs online, there's nothing to worry about because there are some alternative or offline method to buy used cheap metal detectors.


You can check your local newspaper right on the classified ads section. If you are lucky, you can find someone who is selling his used metal detector. But in most cases, there is none. It's because posting an ad on a newspaper requires payment. This is the reason why most sellers would prefer to post their items online because its free.

Overall, the best place to buy used cheap metal detectors is at Amazon. It's risk free because they are highly trusted where your item will surely get delivered without worries.