Buying your Metal Detector Online


The best places to buy your metal detector is actually via online because it gives you all the complete lists of available products to choose from. Other than that, you also get to choose the best product by reading the reviews of other people who already bought and tested the item.

When it comes to buying the right metal detector for you, it actually involves several factors. It is important that you really have to choose the type of MD suited for the job.

Here are the following factors that you need to consider when purchasing your metal detector online:

1. Objects to Detect

The most common activity with metal detectors is finding old coins and other lost valuable accessories on the ground. These items aren't usually buried too deep because they were just most likely dropped accidentally by some individuals in the past. The perfect metal detector in finding these lost items are those that have good discriminating features and high-accuracy in pin-pointing the target.

Old Coins

Another common activity that importantly involves the use of metal detectors is hunting for gold nuggets or flakes. Using ordinary MDs can be very unreliable when detecting gold nuggets due to the reason that high-mineralized rocks can cause interference making the equipment very unstable. Thus, the right MD for the job are those that are designed to detect gold. These kinds of detectors actually operates at a very high frequency as compared to the standard MDs.

Some treasure hunters prefers to choose deep-penetrating metal detectors. It's because they aim to locate large and deeply buried treasures deposits.

And finally is the underwater-treasure hunting. Any equipment that is not designed to be waterproof or water-resistant will most likely get damaged when used underwater. So choose the right metal detector that is designed to be submerged underwater.

2. Ground Conditions

It is important that you need to consider the ground condition of the area that you intend to conduct your metal detecting activity. Ground conditions can really affect the sensitivity of a MD quite badly making it very unstable and hard to adjust.

Ground Condition

3. Regular Use

If you intend to use your metal detector regularly then you have to choose products that are designed with high quality materials which could stand rough handling. With these kinds of materials used, the equipment is sure to last for a long period of use.

Regular Use of Metal Detector

You should also consider buying from the manufacturers that offers "iron-clad warranties" or unlimited warranty. Take advantage of such offers because you can always send your equipment for repair once it started having some technical issues.

4. Technical Functionalities

Some metal detectors are designed with sophisticated settings that are quite hard to adjust. Only operators with good technical understanding can successfully handle such equipment without problem.

Metal Detector Adjustment

If you aren't that much technical, it's best to choose MDs that are user-friendly. These kind of equipment have microprocessor circuitry that already does the job of adjusting the settings automatically.

5. Budget

Metal detectors in the market varies in prices. There are those that are quite very expensive while others are cheap. As an advice, don't settle for the price in your decision of buying your MD. An expensive MD doesn't always mean that it's the best product out there. On the other hand, cheap metal detectors are most likely of low-quality.


Don't settle down for a MD just because it's completely cheap or it is what you can afford with your budget. It is actually much better to save your money until you can afford to buy one of the best reliable metal detectors that I recommend.

For beginners, I suggest that you should check this post about the best and cheap metal detectors that I recommend.

Overall, consider all those factors discussed above when buying your metal detector online and you won't have any regrets in choosing the right one that works for you.