Fisher Gold Bug MD Review


One of my best recommendation when you intend to find big or small pieces of gold is the, "Fisher Gold Bug" metal detector. It is complete with all the necessary features that you need for a successful recovery of a hidden item. With this tool on your hand, you will have the confidence of not missing your target.

Fisher Gold Bug metal detector isn't only designed for gold materials but also other metallic objects as well. Thus, it is perfectly suited to all metal detector hobbyist who are in search of different metal items. Not just any random junk metals though. It's because this tool has an easy to adjust settings which makes it reliable in searching priceless items to add into your set of collections.

Features of Fisher Gold Bug MD

The Fisher Gold Bug metal detector is actually a good addition into your other detecting tools. It's for the reason that, it's simply the best tool designed with features that can absolutely locate the best items buried underground.

Metal hunters have only one goal, this is finding the best pieces of metal underground. And with this tool, finding them makes it an easy task. This is the reason why this product is suddenly gaining popularity among treasure hunters.

Here are the following product features of Fisher Gold Bug metal detector:

1. Fisher Gold Bug uses a power supply of 9 volts which has a gain and threshold adjustments.

2. It supports a headphone jack with sizes of 1/2 inch and 1/8 inch.

3. It has an LCD Screen display with two digit number which is from 0 to 99. This number is used as a basis for the identification of the buried target.

4. This tool has been designed by the manufacturer to be as light as much as possible and with the best ergonomics.

5. Fisher Gold Bug is proud to feature its "No-Motion" pinpoint function which allows you to utilize a computer assisted ground grab and balance. What this function actually does is that, it gives readout of the ground phase and mineralization of the ground.

6. You get choose and operate this tool in two different modes. "Discriminate" items or detect "All-Metal" (which uses 19kHz operating frequency).

7. This tool has a super sensitive 2 Tone VCO which has an indicator that indicates both the depth and signal strength that is being picked up.

8. The best metal detector for prospecting different sizes of gold nuggets.

Pros and Cons of Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

All I can actually tell about Fisher Gold Bug metal detector are on the pros or positive side. It's because throughout my experience in using this tool, I never encountered any flaws on it.


In the Philippines, it is actually common to find Japanese treasures that are hidden inside old rocks and trees. Items that are hidden on this objects doesn't require powerful or deep penetrating metal detectors. The best tool to use for these hidden items are accurate locators such as this Fisher Gold Bug MD.

With the Fisher Gold Bug MD on my hand, I was able to use it to detect and confirm the presence of gold bars, jewels and relics inside a certain object.


As I stated above, I do not have any bad experience in using my Fisher Gold Bug metal detector when it comes to the side of its technical features. However, the only disadvantage about this product is that, you need to purchase the headphones separately.

Using headphones actually allows you to maximize the tool's function.

Where to Buy?

Fisher Gold Bug is available online at the Amazon Store.

Overall, you may find that Fisher Gold Bug is not a cheap metal detector. But based on my own personal opinion, the price is simply on the appropriate range. The technical features and high quality materials used to build the equipment actually speaks for the actual price.