Garrett Pro Pointer Pinpointer Detector Review


One of the most popular pinpointer device is the "Garrett Pro Pointer" metal detector. Many metal detector hobbyist prefer this tool due to its small size and 100% waterproof.

I actually own a Garrett Pro Pointer and it really helped me a lot on my searches particularly in pinpointing small buried objects that my metal detector can hardly point the exact location.

The most interesting feature that I like most about Garrett Pro Pointer is its simplicity which is perfect for complete beginners. It's microprocessor already does the process of automatically adjusting its circuitry settings which ensures maximum sensitivity. This means, you don't have to go through the trouble of adjustments and fine tuning which is simply a waste of your valuable time.

Another feature of the Garrett Pro Pointer that I like is its pinpointing tip and side-scanning capability. I usually perform side-scanning first. Once the object is confirmed, I use the pinpointing tip to accurately determine the spot.

If it happens that a certain object has been picked up, the Garrett Pro Pointer will alert the operator in two ways. It produces an audible sound and vibrating alarms at the same time. The advantage is that, you can use this tool without removing your headphones.

Other features of Garrett Pro Pointer includes an LED flashlight which allows you to detect on dim locations. There's also a sifting blade which you can use to scrape away soil when recovering a certain detected item. And, a woven belt holster for easy portability.

According to the manufacturer, this tool is also capable of detecting metal pipes or nails on the walls.

Garrett Pro Pointer Product Summary Features

- The manufacturer ensured the design to be water resistant which makes it suitable for any type of weather conditions.

- Equipped with microprocessor circuitry that automatically does the best adjustment for you to attain maximum sensitivity.

- If target has been picked up, an audible sound and vibrating alarm will surely alert you of what it found.

- The tool offers an LED flashlight so that you can still use it on low-light conditions.

Pros and Cons of the Garrett Pro Pointer

When it comes to the pros and cons of the Garrett Pro Pointer, the pros actually outweighs the cons. In fact, there aren't any cons that I can say about this product. I've already been using it for several months now and I still observe no flaws.


Garrett Pro Pointer really does everything that is mentioned on the product description. So if you ask me, it is one of the best metal detecting pinpointer tool available on the market today.

Aside from the useful features of the tool, I can say that the manufacturer have used high quality materials which makes it highly durable. It doesn't easily break regardless of how rough the way you handle it even without care.

It is also 100 percent water resistant. This tool really came handy when me and my crew had an underwater project. The item we were looking at that time was an old barrel of drum that got covered with thick mud making it hard for us to find without the help of a detector.

We could use a bigger hand-held metal detector but it would really be a hassle. So we're glad that we have the Garrett Pro Pointer which allowed us to find the covered item with ease.


As I stated above, there aren't any cons of this pinpointer that I can say about. The only reason why some people says that it's a bad product is due to its expensive price. Garrett Pro Pointer actually costs $179.95 which is already comparable to the price of a large hand-held cheap metal detector.

Where to Buy?

Garrett Pro Pointer is available online at the Amazon Store.

Overall, Garrett Pro Pointer is one small device that proves a worthy useful tool to every treasure hunter around. Thus, you will most likely won't regret buying one even at the cost of its expensive price. When I first purchased my tool, I simply treated it as a form of investment.