Why You Should Build Your Own Homemade MD?


There's actually a great benefit in "building your own homemade metal detector". It can actually save you money and at the same time, gain the knowledge of building your own working unit.

I actually own several homemade metal detectors that I built and up until now, they are still surprisingly working. It's because any technical issues that suddenly comes up, I am able to fix it right away because I am very familiar on how the circuitry works. This is comparable to an "unlimited warranty" of a certain product.

But before you intend to build your own metal detector, you must have a good background or knowledge in electronics. If you have none then I suggest that you should enroll from a short electronic vocational course. And in just a matter of few months, you can now start building various electronic stuffs which includes a MD.

What Type of Homemade Metal Detector is Best to Build?

Based on my own personal experience, the best type of metal detector to build are the Pulse Inductive (PI) MDs. These are MDs that sends out pulses of electromagnetic field down into the ground. If it happens that the magnetic field came contact on a certain buried metallic object, it will cause the magnetic field's polarity to be reversed reflecting the pulse signal back out to the surface. The reflected signal will then be picked up by the search coil and processed into an audible sound.

Most circuit-schematics shared online are PI MDs. Although, you have to consult people who already made attempts in building the project to confirm if it's a working schematic or not. You have to know that not all circuit-schematics of metal detectors being shared online are working. It's because the majority of them actually don't work.

Can a Homemade Metal Detector Used for Detecting Gold?

Any metal detector can actually detect gold. It's all about adjusting the operating frequency of the MD. According to the experts, a metal detector that operates at a high-frequency can accurately detect gold. This means that the higher the frequency, the better sensitivity of the MD to pick up large to tiny pieces of gold.

Although, there is a problem with high-frequency MDs. A homemade MD detector operating at a high-frequency tends to become unreliable because it can also detect iron minerals which is pretty bad. Unless, you can build a discriminator which seems impossible to build on your own.

Moreover, if you decide to build your own homemade metal detector, another important factor that you need to consider is to make sure that all of the electronic components or parts needed are still available on the market. It would be pointless starting out to build a project then suddenly, you end up being unable to complete it because one important component is missing.

Electronic Parts

I would also like to warn you that, building your own homemade metal detector can be quite addictive. I've already seen some people build their own MDs but really never put them to an actual use.