Metal Detecting Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Metal detecting isn't actually an easy type of activity where complete beginners need guidance from the experts. Otherwise, this often leads to their lost of interest due to repeat failures.

If you are a newbie, I suggest that you should take advantage of these metal detecting tips and tricks which will surely be of a great help.

Cheap Metal Detectors

Tip 1: Cheap Metal Detectors are Best for Beginners

- You don't want to spend huge amount of money in buying an expensive metal detector only to find out that you do not have any interest on this type of activity. It's a complete waste of money. So in order to avoid this, beginners are advised to choose cheap but reliable metal detectors.

Tip 2: Discrimination Feature

- A reliable MD must have a good discrimination feature. This is to allow you to avoid trash and only recover those worthy items.

Tip 3: Auto Adjust Ground Balance and Sensitivity Settings

- MD with manual Ground Balance and Sensitivity Settings can be a hassle for a complete beginners. So MDs with auto-adjustment feature is best suggested.

Operating your Metal Detector

Trick 1: Sweep the Search Coil Slow

- If you sweep the Search Coil of your MD at a constant slow speed, your equipment will be able to process transmitting and receiving the emitted electromagnetic field a lot more efficiently. But if you do it fast, you will miss some of the signals which is the same as missing your target.

Trick 2: Pin Pointing the Target

- Set your MD to its pinpointing setting then sweep the Search Coil in an X pattern. Notice where the strongest signal and keep repeating the process until you are able to mark the strongest signal at the middle of the X pattern. That will be the digging spot.

Trick 3: Take Note of the Sounds

- Each metal produces slight different sound with other types of metals. This is actually a skill that develops through time as you gain more experience.

Trick 4: Setup your Own Testing Ground

- Go into your backyard and bury different kinds of metals then perform a test on your equipment. This will give you a more actual understand of your tool on how it reacts to various items and varied depths that it can achieve.

Trick 5: Junks Covering Valuable Items

- At some point, junks or trash are covering valuable items underneath them. You have to know that on this kind of situation, the unwanted object can mask quality signal from the valuable item. Unfortunately, you need to dig everything just to make sure that no gold are underneath any of those junks.

Trick 6: Read and Understand the Manual

- If there is something that you don't know about your MD then you should read and understand it completely from the written user-manual.

Good Places to Metal Detect

Tip 1: Where People Gather Around

- Simply imagine all places where people gather and spend their time. Some of these places are on beaches, parks, play ground and street. You have to know that treasure are found where people loves to hung around.

Tip 2: Abandoned Places

- Go to the library and ask for an old map. You can also download it on the internet if its available. Then, use the map to locate all abandoned places that you are free to metal detect today.

Tip 3: Talk to Old People

- There are actually some places that cannot be found on any local information such as in the library, books and internet. Only older generations knew them so you might also want to consider talking to them.

Tip 4: Take Note of any Gathering Events in your Area

- Listen or pay attention to any of your various local medias about gathering events in your area. You have to know that wherever people gather around, they tend to lose things which makes it perfect for you to conduct metal detecting.

Tip 5: Use Google Maps

- If you are not familiar around a certain area or place that you would like to metal detect, Google Maps will come in handy. Through this tool, you will be able to easily locate good places to detect.
metal detecting

Overall, by following these metal detecting tips and tricks for beginners, your success of finding worthy collections is just up ahead.