Can a Metal Detector Find Diamonds?


Some people are too curious to find out if "metal detector can find diamonds or gems". The answer is "no", unless the diamond or gem has a metallic part such as rings, earrings and pendants. But if your intention is to use a metal detector to directly locate raw diamonds, it will not work.

Although, some prospectors makes use of metal detectors in searching raw diamonds. They actually do it by detecting the "volcanic pipe". Some other indicators are also minerals for gold which are detectable by MDs that can lead to raw diamond deposits. The two common minerals which are good indicators of gold are the Garnet and Magnetite. Other minerals as good indicators of diamonds are the black picroilmenite, chromium garnets, glassy green olivine and magnetite.

If it happens that you found gold, there are good chances that the rocks nearby have diamond deposits. Other than diamonds, there could also be pure valuable crystals of garnet. These are precious gemstones that comes in different colors which can be shades of green, red, yellow and orange.

Since gold have a strong connection into the locations of diamonds, prospectors often use "gold metal detectors". These type of equipments operate at a higher operating frequency as compared to the standard MDs. It's because theory states that, the higher frequency - the greater the sensitivity of the MD to detect small gold such as nuggets.

Where Can You Find Raw Diamonds?

Diamond is actually one of the most precious and expensive stone in the world. It is a type of gemstone that had undergone a natural process which involve metamorphosis of coal. So where can you find them?

Raw diamonds can only be found on places where there have been volcanic eruptions. And in most cases, streams, rivers or glaciers carries them away.

A raw diamond is best described as "inconspicuous rock". They are completely far different from a well-cut and polished versions of diamonds. Due to this reason, inexperienced diamond hunters can easily miss them on their search.

Metal Detecting Diamond Accessories

When it comes to processed diamond accessories such as rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelries, they are attached to a metallic part. These metallic part of the jewelry will be the once that the metal detector can detect.

Did you know that based on statistics, for every person who lose a diamond ring, there are also other 30 individuals who lose other gemstones. This gives you more chances of success recovering processed diamonds and other precious gemstones as compared to hunting the raw or unprocessed form of diamonds.

Reliable but cheap metal detectors will work perfectly fine in searching for lost or missing jewelries. It's because the majority of jewelry accessories are made from silver, platinum and copper which are metal properties that can be easily picked up by any MD.

Overall, metal detectors may not directly able to detect a diamond but through other metallic properties having connection to it, diamond-hunters will still be able to find them.