Bounty Hunter Time Ranger MD Review


For the avid treasure hunters who are looking for cheap metal detectors, I recommend the "Bounty Hunter Time Ranger" MD. This is a type of tool that will surely bring profit into your metal detecting activities.

The main feature of this innovative machine is its 4 Mode Operation. Just like the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4, the first of its mode is the "All-Metal Mode" which detects all types of metal buried underground. This is the perfect mode to use when pin pointing the exact spot of the target.

Second mode is the "Three-Tone Audio Discrimination". These are 3 different tones that allows the operator to discriminate various types of metals that are detected.

The third mode is the "Four-Level Iron Discrimination". A mode that is perfect for ground areas that are rich in mineral contents.

And as for the fourth mode, this is the "Sniff Mode". A very special feature of Bounty Hunter Time Ranger that allows the operator to reject one item on the target ID scale. Or, only accept one type of item to be detected. This mode comes pretty useful when finding one type of target object only.

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

Product Features of Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

- Features 4 modes of operations: All-Metal Mode, Three-Tone Audio Discrimination, Four-Level Iron Discrimination and Sniff Mode.

- Programmable Notching System.

- Ground-Balance Monitor System.

- Blanker System functionality that greatly helps in deeper penetrations.

- Interchangeable search coil: 8 inch Bounty D-Tech search coil and 4 inches Gold Nugget coil.

- Large multi-function LCD readout with touch-pad control. This displays the target ID, depth, sensitivity level, ground balance monitor, iron level discrimination and battery level.

- Built-in speaker and headphone jack.

- Operated by a two 9 volt alkaline batteries.

Pros and Cons of Bounty Hunter Time Ranger MD


Bounty Hunter Time Ranger MD works perfectly great for me. Assembling the whole unit only took me just a few minutes of my time.

On my actual test, I have buried several different types of metallic objects on a ground rich in iron contents. This is to check the reliability of this tool's discrimination of iron minerals. As a result, it performed good enough for me.

When it comes to pinpointing the target, I'm impressed by its pinpointing feature. This is simply done by pressing the "Smart Trac/All Metal" button. As you swing the search coil over a detected piece of metal, you should hear a distinctly different sound. Then observe the loudest sound produced because that means, the target is directly under the center of the search coil.


The only downside that I noticed on this equipment is its poor response time while at discrimination mode. You really have to sweep down the search coil in a slow moving manner or you'll miss the target.

Overall, Bounty Hunter Time Ranger metal detector actually offers many interesting functions and settings. You just have to spend some time learning them and putting it into some practice. Then, you are ready to venture outdoors for some serious treasure hunting business.