Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD


One of the most popular and cheap MD (metal detector) that is currently available on the market today is the “Bounty Hunter Gold Digger” MD. Aside from being cheap, it is the best recommended tool for complete beginners to train basic skills on their metal hunting hobby. It is also the best tool for kids to play especially if they have an interest on this type of outdoor activity.

The main reason why it is recommended for amateurs is that, they should start honing their skill from a cheap metal detector. It’s because it will save them from any possible unwanted costs.

If you are one among them then chances are, you are still exploring metal detecting as a hobby. So let us say for example that you bought yourself an expensive MD. Just a couple of months later, you found out to yourself that you don’t have that much interest or passion to consider metal detecting as a hobby. Or, you have some other reasons preventing you from delving into this field of activity. As a result, you just bought something that you can’t use which is just a waste of money. To minimize such loss, you can sell back your MD at Craigslist or similar shops.

Another common possible reason of your money going to waste are due to improper handling and maintenance resulting to breakage. But when you start from a cheap metal detector like Bounty Hunter Gold Digger, you will learn everything you need to know about metal detecting which includes proper care of your equipment. In return, you will be able to prolong the use or life-span of your MD.


Metals that it can detect

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD has the capability to search all different types of metals especially precious gold which is the primary target of all metal detectorists. So even if an amateur or a kid is using this tool, both have good chances of being able to detect an object made of gold.

Due to the variety of metals that can be detected, this product is perfect for hunting buried coins, jewelries, relics, gold prospecting and even for utility applications (such as locating old pipes needing repairs or replacements).

Trash Eliminator

At some point, you might come into a place where almost every items that you detected and dug ends up being a trash. You recover things like large rusty nails, cans, metal scraps and even some food wrappers. Finding such trashes can be so demotivating and will always left you exhausted for nothing.

So the manufacturer of this product has incorporated a feature known as the “Trash Eliminator”. This is a setting of the equipment which you can turn ON or OFF. Turning it ON will enable its auto-function which is to eliminate or disregard all those unwanted objects from being picked up from the ground. With this feature enabled, it will save you plenty of time and energy with better findings.

Depth of Penetration

It is very important for a metal detector to be able to detect deep buried objects for at least up to 5 feet. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger can actually reach up to 6 feet depth which is one of its most impressive feature.

Tiny metallic objects can be detected down from the ground for up to 2 feet deep. While, larger objects starting from the size of a coin is impressively detected down for up to 6 feet deep.

Search Coil

The search coil is the circular disk shape of the equipment responsible for sending and receiving frequency signal down into the ground. It is through this signal that allows the unit to confirm presence of metallic objects underground. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger has a 7 inches diameter search coil and what makes it impressive is that, it is designed by the manufacturer to withstand various weather conditions. In short, it is weather resistant.


This product comes with an earphone which is intended to be used on a noisy environment such as on the streets and crowded beaches. But in my own personal opinion, the use of earphone whether you have a noisy background or not provides better results.

Batteries Required

Before you can operate this equipment, it requires (2) two pieces of 9 Volts Alkaline batteries in order to work. And unfortunately, these batteries are sold separately.

The Pros of Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD

Trusted and Reliable Brand

Bounty Hunter is one among the top and popular brand of metal detectors in the market today. With such level of reputation from a large crowd of satisfied customers, it only means that they manufacture high quality and reliable products. Apart from their trusted brand, all of their products are “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging”. What this means is that, the equipment you purchased is fully tested and functional. It also means that you can always contact or seek technical help from the company.

Very Cheap Price

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD has indeed a very cheap price. But unlike any other metal detectors with similar price range, it offers almost comparable result from those equipment designed for the pro.

It is really hard to find any other MDs at this price that offers such amazing efficiency.

Easy to Assemble and Use

Majority of first time users claims that assembling their equipment is actually no challenge at all. This was proven to me by my 10 year old niece who assembled it with no sweat.

Using it is also super easy that some individuals does not even need to read the User’s Manual. The reason is that the settings are not really that much complicated to understand and setup. In fact, once assembled it is ready to be used.

Sound is the Key

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD is a sound-based equipment. This means that you main basis of detecting objects buried underground is via the sound generated by the metal detector. As an experienced user of this tool, the sound can give some additional hints about the target. Thus, paying a close attention to the sound is the key of using this MD.

Convenient for Carrying

Metal detectors are hand-held tools which is the reason why the manufacturers have to design their products for carrying conveniently. This product are made with light-weight materials enhanced with ergonomic handle which will allow you to sweep it around without getting tired too much.

The Cons of Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD

Batteries are Sold Separately

You have to know that when you purchase this product, it does not include batteries. It is actually sold separately which I don’t see any good reason about it. This can be a hassle for some individuals.

No Battery Indicator

Another issue which again in relation to its battery is that there is no Battery Indicator. You will never know when your equipment is running out of power. Anyway, the manufacturer can easily fix this by putting a Battery Level Meter in their next succeeding models.

Headphone Has no Volume Control

When using the headphone, your MD can hit a certain object that generates a high tone sound which is very unpleasant to the ears. This could have been avoided if the headphone has a volume control. Of course, you can buy a compatible headphone with volume controls but that will be an extra-added cost for your pocket.

Where to Buy?

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD is available online at the Amazon Store.

Final Thoughts

There are actually so many good reasons why the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger MD is the perfect tool for those who are just starting out with their metal detecting hobby. And as an experienced metal hunter myself, I can say that it is one of the best cheap metal detector available in the market today.