Fisher F2 MD Review


The "Fisher F2" Metal Detector is a recommended tool for beginners. It is actually perfect for coin-shooters and relic hunters because this MD is capable of detecting metal scraps, gold, silver and all other sorts of metals with good accuracy.

Searching for reviews, you will find a lot of positive reviews about Fisher F2. And you know what? "I totally agree with them". Fisher F2 is one of my favorite metal detector in my arsenal. Through my experience with it, I was able to find some of my precious collections of old coins.

Control Box

The control box of the Fisher F2 metal detector consists of an LCD screen and some few buttons. Through the LCD screen, you can make all the necessary adjustments such as the discrimination feature. To discriminate out different categories, press the "plus sign" button. The "notch" button on the right works the same where it filter out certain items as well.

On the left side of the LCD screen is the sensitivity setting. Adjusting to its proper setting can increase depth penetration and stability. It also becomes a lot more accurate minimizing false signals.

The most interesting feature that I like most about Fisher F2 is its capability to determine the depth of the buried item. Assuming that you swept the search coil of the detector on the surface of the ground and it found something under, it will cause a sound alert. On the LCD screen, there's also a number. Just on the right of it is the depth indicator.

Another interesting feature of the Fisher F2 that amazes me is its pin-pointing capability. There's a pin-point button the you press-and-hold allowing the equipment to locate the exact spot of the buried item. This procedure does not require the search coil from moving.


The required battery for the Fisher F2 metal detector to work are two pieces of 9 volts batteries. I strongly recommend that you should buy rechargeable batteries. You may also want to buy additional batteries as spares in case that you will be spending a lot of hours hunting out in the field.

Search Coil

The size of Fisher F2's search coil consists of 8 inches in diameter. In my own opinion, I think that this is just the right size that allows you to swing it at a normal pace.

Water Proof

Fisher F2 MD isn't just applicable for use on dry lands. The manufacturers have designed and made use of materials that allows this metal detector to be used underwater or alongside the beach. In short, its waterproof.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Pros and Cons

Regardless of how good a certain product, there are always pros and cons coming from different users' experience or feedback.

Based on my personal experience in using Fisher F2 on my treasure hunting career, here are the pros and cons according to my observations:


- The discrimination feature of Fisher F2 is quite amazing. It is indeed quite good at separating trash from the real treasure that I seek.

- As I stated above, the depth indicator of the Fisher F2 is my most favorite feature of this equipment. It's because it is actually very important for me to determine the depth of a certain buried target to know which digging tool to use.

- I noticed that the materials used in the construction of this metal detector is made from high quality materials which makes it highly durable.

- The first time that I used my Fisher F2 MD, I had no trouble in setting up its settings. I find it very easy, no wonder why the manufacturer claims that its perfect for complete beginners. Anyway, there is still a complete detailed manual included on the package to help you out with the setup.


There is no con that I can say about Fisher F2 metal detector but the price. Some people find it to be quite pricey, despite, there are other cheaper MDs which offers the same features.

To explain the reason about its high price, the manufacturer actually used high quality durable materials. They wanted to ensure that their product will surely last long enough for their costumers to be completely satisfied.

Where to Buy?

Fisher F2 Metal Detector is available online at the Amazon Store.

Overall, Fisher F2 metal detector is currently one of the best MD around that I do recommend for both beginners and professionals alike.