Ground EFX MC1 Youth MD Review


"Ground EFX MC1 Youth Metal Detector" is another cheap metal detector that is best suited for kids or children. It's because the manufacturer of this equipment have ensured quality and durability to ensure rigors of child use.

The best part of this tool is that, it's not just a simple tool. It comes with an impressive eliminator functionality that rejects all unwanted targets. Other than the eliminator feature, it also has a visual target indicator with battery test.

When it comes to detecting a certain buried item underground, the manufacturer claims that this tool can detect coins for up to 5 inches deep. Larger objects can be picked by the search coil at a maximum depth of 24 inches.

The circular search coil has a 6.5 inches diameter size and it is waterproof. Take note, only the search coil but not the control box. According to the manufacturer, the search coil can be submerged underwater for up to 24 inches deep.

Length of the unit can also be adjusted to suit the height of the operator. It can actually be adjusted from 26 inches to 36 inches total length.

And just like any standard metal detector, Ground EFX MC1 Youth MD will react to a buried target through its "Volume Level" and "Signal Strength". This means that, the louder the audible sound or the stronger the signal, it means that the item is just under the search coil.

Product Features of Ground EFX MC1 Youth MD

- Designed to withstand rough handling.

- Waterproof search coil (measures 6.5 inches). It can be submerged for up to 24 inches deep underwater.

- Audio sound volume alert depends on the signal strength.

- Simple Eliminator function that rejects unwanted targets.

- Visual target indicator for visual cue along with battery test.

- Operated by two 9 volts batteries (not included in the package).

Pros and Cons of Ground EFX MC1 Youth MD


The best positive feature that I can say about Ground EFX MC1 Youth metal detector is its durability. It is indeed tough enough to handle rough handling which will surely going to last for many years.

Other than its durability, the manufacturer did a great job in making a very simple tool that the kids can easily operate without problem.

And, it isn't just no ordinary metal detector because it can detect coins and other metallic objects buried several inches deep from the ground.


So far, I haven't encountered any flaws of this detector.

Where to Buy?

Ground EFX MC1 Youth MD is available online at the Amazon Store.

Overall, Ground EFX MC1 Youth metal detector is one of the best cheap metal detectors for kids. Some says that it's the perfect gift for kids as birthday present or holiday gift.