Winbest Pro Edition MD | BARSKA


BARSKA features their product called, "Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector" at Amazon where they designed it to be perfectly suitable for both beginners and experts. This tool is actually perfect for searching buried coins, relics, jewelries and silvers.

Product Features

Winbest Pro Edition MD has two operation modes. First mode is the "All-Metal" mode where it detects all different types of metals. Already enhanced on this mode is that, it automatically adjust ground balance and high sensitivity. The second mode is the "Disc Mode" where it detects objects and discriminates them of what type of metal has been picked up.

On different terrains, some metal detectors tends to go unstable but not for the Winbest Pro Edition MD. It's because of its Preset Ground Balance that adjusts the settings of the equipment to suit the terrain.

On the control box, there's a meter or target indicator. The meter will swing towards the right side if it happens that the search coil detects a metallic object. Speaking about the search coil (measures 6.5 inches), it has been designed by the manufacturer as water-resistant. This allows you to submerge it on shallow water.

The stem that holds the search coil and connected into the handle is adjustable so as the arm rest. This is to adjust the length of the equipment to the suitable size of your detecting comfortability. The stem measures 15.5 to 25 inches long.

And lastly, you can use a headphone for better reception of the audible alert.

Operating Winbest Pro Edition MD

Winbest Pro Edition is actually another reliable cheap metal detector to use. As stated above, it has good accuracy in detecting small pieces of objects buried underground. At some point, I've seen some individuals with negative reviews about this product. But taking a closer look into their problems, it is more on the issue of operating the equipment.

To properly operate this MD, you need to sweep the search coil from side-to-side. And most importantly, do not raise the search coil while sweeping it. This will generate false readings.

Do it slow because doing it rapidly won't allow the search coil to receive the transmitted signal. In order to explain more about this subject, you should read the post entitled "How Metal Detectors Work?".

The search coil must also be in parallel to the ground while detecting.

Pros and Cons of Winbest Pro Edition MD

Starting from the time that I purchased Winbest Pro Edition metal detector, I got good experience with it in finding small metallic items. I was able to detect old quarter coins to tiny pieces of small stainless earrings.

Through the time that I've been using this MD, here's the pros and cons that I discovered:


When the product arrived, the unit was so easy to assemble. I think that a kid can even do it on his own. Aside from being too easy to assemble, I also find it too easy to operate. No wonder why the manufacturer is so confident about their product that is suitable for both novice and professional.

Before using any of my brand new MD, I usually perform an actual test. The results were quite amazing for this tool. It is so sensitive even to small or tiny object such as a needle.


I have found no flaw in the functionality of this equipment but on one of its body part. It is the stem or connector that holds the search coil while the other end is connected into the handle. Judging by the material used in the construction, it seems its cheaply made from low quality material. The length is also short especially for a tall individual.

Anyway, this minor flaw can be easily fixed by the manufacturer but at the cost of probably increasing the price due to the use of high quality materials for the improvement of their product.